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We pick up and deliver in Arlington, VA and Alexandria, VA

Helping our clients to save time and increase productivity is our number one priority. Just call us when your project is ready and we’ll pick it up!

Document Color Printing Services and Scanning Services, Washington, DC (DMV area)

We offer a wide range of professional, high-quality color printing and scanning services to help you complete your tasks, be it a business presentation or a personal project. In a rush? Tight deadline? With high-volume print capacity, we can complete large size projects within hours of receiving the order, 24/7, 365. We also offer a […]

litigation types we handle

TYPES OF LITIGATION Autofeed Autofeed consists of 100 pages or more per section (clipped, stapled, banded, tabbed, slipsheeted or loose). The reason that we say 100 pages or more, is because the Rapid Document Handler (RDH) can run 100 pages at a time. Autofeed also must be entirely single or double sided, with no contrast […]

vinyl banners

eDiscovery Solutions will assist you with printing of your Point of Purchase Display Banners, Trade Show Banners, or Indoor/Outdoor Promotional Banners. Extremely smooth surface featuring a porous, waterfast coating. Does not fray when cut and is grommet capable. Matte coating that allows for high image quality and vibrant colors without glare. We are able to […]

x-ray scanning and duplication

At eDiscovery Solutions we can duplicate, scan & create trial exhibits from your original x-ray films. Upload your files on our FTP and have your product delivered within 24 to 48 hours.   Film to Film CD to CD Merge & Compile Multiple Studies   Scanning: Film to Image DICOM JPEG | BMP TIFF PDF […]

Same Day Printing Services

Click here to contact us regarding your print project. Booklets Posters Postcards Brochures Programs Pocket Folders Menus Flyers Obituaries Architectural drawings Large format X-Rays Litigation Read what our clients say about us! * Please note that all projects after 8 PM or on a weekend will require a minimum order of $150. Choose your printing […]

Preserving your digital evidence after seizure

Ensuring that your digital evidence is secure during collection, transportation and analysis is paramount in digital content preservation process. Shielding the device in question, e.g. laptop computers, smart phones, netbooks, GPS and bluetooth devices, from cellular, wifi, bluetooth and radio signals eliminates the risk of valuable data being affected by these signals. At eDiscovery Solutions, […]

eForensics and Employment Litigation

How can you guarantee that your company’s confidential data and trade secrets haven’t walked out the door along with the departed employee? A recent national survey, conducted by Symantec, found that over 59 percent of employees who quit, were laid off or terminated, admitted to stealing  company data, and 67 percent admitted to using their […]

Successful eDiscovery vendor management: knowing what providers offer before the need arises.

In today’s World of Law, it is virtually impossible to have any litigation without some sort of eDiscovery. Stay on top of the game when it comes to industry trends. Meeting with your eDiscovery vendors ensures you’re one step ahead, knowing all the latest and greatest in eDiscovery software and tools. eDiscovery vendor is an […]

password recovery services

Our professional team works closely with clients to gain access to digital evidence in form of restricted files and documents. We can process 1 trillion of different password combinations in one day at our on-site computer forensics lab. PASSWORD RECOVERY MIGHT BE NECESSARY IN THE FOLLOWING INSTANCES: helping a user to recover forgotten password assisting legal professionals in […]