Preserving your digital evidence after seizure

Ensuring that your digital evidence is secure during collection, transportation and analysis is paramount in digital content preservation process. Shielding the device in question, e.g. laptop computers, smart phones, netbooks, GPS and bluetooth devices, from cellular, wifi, bluetooth and radio signals eliminates the risk of valuable data being affected by these signals.

At eDiscovery Solutions, we employ the use of Black Hole Faraday Data Bag as one of our tools in digital content collection and analytics. The Black Hole Faraday Data bag offers mobile device examination capability in a portable shielded environment. The device can be charged and analyzed in the field or  during transportation to our eForensics laboratory.

The device shielding is particularly important in unknown signal environments. When placed inside the data shield bag, mobile phones, including iPhones, no longer connect to the cellular network, and therefore cannot be remotely locked, wiped and geographically located, while remaining powered on.