eDiscovery Solutions provides an extensive range of eDiscovery and digital forensic services that are capable of thorough investigation and analysis of extensive digital evidence. We are experts in the areas of data preservation, collection, analysis, and authentication.

Digital and Computer Forensic Services

Data Recovery

Document Scanning

File conversion



Load file creation

Digital Printing / Blowbacks

CD / DVD duplicating

Our comprehensive set of services span the life cycle of e-discovery projects from planning, collection and analysis phases through review and production. And partnership with our sister company, eForensics Lab, gives us an advantage of offering a complete coverage of computer forensics and data recovery services. Contact us for an instant quote. We can help you:

  • Define the scope, timeline and budget of the project
  • Provide pre-production file list reports and page estimates
  • Work with clients to define searching and culling options to effectively reduce data sets
  • Extract emails and documents from data sources, including mobile phones and laptops
  • Analyze and manage large volumes of data, documents and emails
  • Capture essential metadata and extracted text from emails and attachments
  • Create load files for all popular litigation support software
  • Process selected data sets to TIFF, PDF, HTML & XML or paper

The proper management of electronic data has become increasingly important in light of recent sanctions and adverse inferences against law firms and their clients who fail to adequately account for electronic evidence. This is why eDiscovery Solutions works with our clients every step of the way to help simplify the electronic discovery process and create accurate, defensible data collections and production sets.

Our team of eDiscovery specialists will clearly outline the E-Discovery process, identifying the defensible strategy and methodology surrounding the handling of ESI (Electronically Stored Information). We will perform extensive data mining from various sources, such as the client’s servers, office and home computers and tablets, smart phones, e-mail accounts, voice mails, text messages, facsimiles, CDs, DVDs, memory sticks, external drives, and hard copy versions of documents and communications. Our team of certified electronic forensics engineers will efficiently collect the data and have it processed in such a fashion that will not spoliate any of the metadata. We will communicate with your litigation team to discuss the appropriate output and format of obtained relevant data, as well as the timeframe in which the work needs to be completed, and to whom will we share the discoverable information with (opposing counsel, co-counsel, third parties, etc.).

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