Arah Jennings, South California:

Imagine having an employee pick up your ‘11th hour’ marketing materials from a globally known shipping & copy shop only to discover they look absolutely awful. What to do?

Trash ‘em, or use the materials at the risk of compromising your carefully cultivated brand image.  Swear to never patronize the shop again as you mumble expletives under your breath?  Threaten to post your experience onto all your social networking sites unless the shop redoes the job and does it right?  Or, determine the job was beyond the shop’s capabilities in the first place?  Oops, ‘your bad.’

That’s where ‘eDiscovery Solutions’ comes in.  As a west coast branding and marketing consultant, I had no inkling of where to turn for professional, high-quality printing in the Washington DC area.  But I was determined to help my client out of this unanticipated jam.  A quick Google search revealed eDiscovery Solutions to be a top print and copy provider that downtown Washingtonians have come to rely upon for their important printing needs.   A review of their impressive website, www.discoverydc.com, further set my mind at ease.

Everything I threw out at eDiscovery Solutions’ charismatic owner, Michael Phelps – not to be confused with the Olympic swimming champ – was greeted with unbridled enthusiasm and a ‘no-worries’ assurance that his expertly trained team and high-quality printing equipment could handle the job:  Double-sided, full-bleed, legal size color flyers on premium paper folded in half, check!  Double-sided, color printing on glossy paper-stock precision cut into quarters, check! Expedited printing for next-day early morning pick-up, check!  By the time Michael mentioned the price and 30-day invoicing, I wondered if I could convince him to set-up a satellite office in SoCal.

With professionalism, excellent customer service and advice, Michael and his amazing team at eDiscovery Solutions came to my client’s rescue and delivered a product that was absolutely stunning, if not flawless.

BOTTOM LINE:  eDiscovery Solutions is your one-stop printing and copy source for exceptional quality, affordably priced printing in the DC area for projects of any size or scope, whether you’re under a deadline or not.

Carter Roux, Washington, DC:

Michael and his team were extremely helpful, taking the time to walk me through every step and helping me whenever I required it. They were fast and efficient, and very welcoming – I don’t think I’ve ever been given complimentary cookies before. It’s obvious that they know what they’re doing, care about doing it the right way, and take pride in their work. I used them for scanning and printing services, their rush service getting me in and out of their DC office quicker than I had hoped. As for the pricing, very reasonable – I have to say I was very surprised by how inexpensive it was. I wouldn’t hesitate to use these guys again and highly recommend them to anyone who needs a copy/scan/print service.

Justine Parkin:

I had excellent service at eDiscovery for a large color printing job. I needed files printed last minute for an early morning meeting and eDiscovery expedited the process and delivered excellent results – I would recommend to anyone in the DC area. They helped when I was in a jam in the middle of the night and the color printing was fabulous – no bleed and true colors came though. They were much better than Kinkos which was twice the price and half the quality.

Matt Murley:

These guys are great. We refer a lot of our customers to eDiscovery because we know they do a great job and will not sully our reputation. Michael is a self-proclaimed workaholic and it shows . . . his attention to detail is incredible and he knows exactly how customers want to be treated. My customers are often more grateful to me for the referral to eDiscovery than they are for the work I do for them. Highly highly recommend.

Andrew Flick, Washington, DC:

Worked with Michael from eDiscovery Solutions on a preservation project for a client and was completely satisfied with both the quality of the final product and the high level of customer service received. If you are in the Washington, D.C. area and need scanning, color printing or copying services, especially in a rush, this is the place to go. As an added bonus, the shop is open 24/7.

Ariel Casey, Washington, DC:

I am a legal assistant at a firm downtown, and frequently need documents copied, scanned, or both. Also, since some of my guys are procrastinators I need it double time. eDiscovery has gotten the job done for me everytime. Given the area their prices are more reasonable than some, and b/w, color, notebooks, disks, lamination, whatever you need, they can do! The fact that they are right down the street from my office is an added bonus, but they can hustle anywhere. As you can see, I am highly recommending these guys. If it’s a massive project and they have any questions or are in someway confused they will contact you right away. When you call them just tell ’em Ariel says “Hi”.

PD Schatz, Chesterfield, PA:

The eDiscovery team is absolutely amazing! I work from Western MA, but needed to get petitions delivered to DC with less then one day’s notice. I found eDiscovery, saw that they do 24/7 rush full color printing, and called them at 9:30pm EST. An eDiscovery team member began working with me immediately, and was able to meet my crazy requirements to get the job done by the next day. Not only are they professional, fast, and reliable, but they are extremely kind and understanding as well. Michael worked with me to meet my team’s budget precisely, despite the deadline pressures we were facing. They did file conversions, printing, binding, and were able to work with us on a complex pick-up situation. I would recommend eDiscovery Solutions to ANYONE in need of any full color printing services in the Washington DC area. They are open and helpful 24/7, and will help you get the job done!

Andrea Wise, Washington, DC:

I was extremely impressed by eDiscovery Solutions, Inc.’s customer service and turn around time for our print job. My office had an urgent printing request at 11pm and received a completed job in one hour. The owner Michael Phelps was also very helpful in talking me through the steps needed for my order. I was so glad to find a 24hr printing shop as our office is located on Capitol Hill and nothing is open late. I highly recommend this company.

Jennifer Harlin, Legal Assistant, Diamond McCarthy LLP:

My boss (a Dallas attorney) was set to fly into New York to give a presentation to secure a possible multi-million dollar case. At the very last minute his flight was canceled (due to bad weather) and he was re-routed into Washington, DC which forced him to take the train from Washington, DC into New York VERY early the next morning. Because of the last minute change, we had no vendor to put together 10 copies (color copied and bound) of his presentation when my boss would have it completed (1 am initially, which I believe turned into closer to 2 am). To say I was in a panic, is an understatement. I called around to various DC copy vendors who claimed and promoted themselves on line as 24 hour, but was told over and over they were unable to help. I stumbled across this company online, crossed my fingers, once again dialed the number and was greeted by Todd. As I stated I was already in a panic but Todd immediately set my mind at ease by telling me he would call the owner to see what they could do to help. Less than 5 minuets later, I received a phone call back from Todd who said he had called the owner Michael Phelps (Mike) , who would do our job himself! A few emails and several phone calls later I was talking with the owner on his personal cell phone who not only assured me they had all the materials necessary (clear cover & black vinyl back, tab inserts, and GBC binding) he would personally deliver it to the attorney’s hotel which just happened to be 8 blocks away by the 6:30 am deadline. I would like to note that my boss is a perfectionist and has a VERY keen eye for detail, and this presentation was a HUGE deal. I was so nervous that evening I could hardly sleep, not knowing how everything would work out. As soon as I jumped out of bed that morning, I immediately sent a text to my boss to inquire about the end result of the the presentation materials, which he emailed Mike in the wee hours of the morning. His response “Perfect, Thanks!”. I can’t begin to tell you how great these guys are! They went WAY above and BEYOND the call of duty for us! If you find yourself in a crunch, or in a similar situation were you don’t know who you can trust, you can count of these guys! THANK YOU, so much Mike and Todd for being reliable, honest, kind and courteous!!

Brian Frankel, Washington, DC:

A well run business. These guys are my first call when I need it done right, done quick, and done at a fair price. My firm has used eDiscovery Solutions for 5 years. Their service is excellent. They are responsible, friendly, and get things done.


Mary Lou Jacobsen

eDiscovery really helped me when I was in a tight spot. I work in Nashville and was travelling via plane to DC for a conference for a poster presentation. I needed a 24X36 poster mounted onto poster-board over the weekend, because I didn’t want to carry it on the plane. They were one of the only companies open later hours, and on the weekend. Also, I called them around 8pm on a Friday night and they had it ready by that Saturday morning. Not only that, but they delivered it for free to my front door step at 8am, and it was there waiting for me when I woke up. It really made the weekend go smoothly, and I give them my thanks.

Karen Larenas

Last minute lifesaver! We called for a rush job on a Sunday morning and the owner actually met us to complete our print project. Outstanding service and very professional. Thank you so much Ediscovery.

Hezekiah Adedoyin

I’ve been in Washington, DC for about three years now and am so surprised that I have not been utilizing eDiscovery Solutions’ color printing services earlier. Honestly, I have never received such a high level of quality service from any other business. Michael and the rest of the team do an amazing job at making you feel valued and important, all while getting the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thank you so much for all of your help, Michael. It really is amazing to know that compassion and service are still alive in businesses today.

Anamika W.

Michael and eDiscovery Solutions is a life saver. If Michael ever decides to do something else, he should teach companies how to provide amazing customer service.

I was in a bind 2 nights ago where I had to get something printed last minute for a meeting that was 8 am that morning. Not only did Michael take my call but his first thought was to help me find a print service near his area to help make sure I was getting the best deal. When we couldn’t and I told him I was perfectly fine with his service, he proceeded to assure me that not only would he be able to print what I needed but deliver it to the location of my meeting so I could sleep in peace. He didn’t just make a promise he delivered…and with EXCELLENT customer service.

The next morning, as I was stressing out about my early meeting, he emailed, and called me to let me know he was on his way and confirmed delivery when he got there. I ended up getting there after him but the materials were where he promised, as he promised and at the time he promised…and best part is that he was a PLEASURE to work with and genuinely was interested in helping me.

I will recommend them time and time again and have found my ‘go to’ print service for work. I’ll tell anyone that will listen how awesome eDiscovery Solutions is.

Rashima S.   Washington DC

I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about this place. If you are looking to print something, no job is too big or small for eDiscovery Solutions. They are simply incredible.

They are a wonderful, locally run business and headed by truly kind, caring and dedicated people. My emails at 8am and 10:45pm were answered within minutes, last minute changes were easily accommodated, and they even delivered the product.

Their prices are truly the best in the city as well. Where else can you get astounding service AND great prices AND in DC (which is notoriously very expensive). I did a lot of searching around, and this area does have a lot of wonderful print shops, which makes it even more of an accomplishment for eDiscovery to be truly the absolute best.

In sum: need a rush print job, a poster, high quality color brochures, black and white programs, something scanned and reprinted, a million CVs, beautiful handouts for a presentation, a last minute marriage proposal made using memes, or a simple, single black and white copy? And you don’t have a ton of money but somehow still expect solid service? eDiscovery can do it all! Support a local business that cares about its clients and does a fabulous job with their product.

I communicated with them primarily via email, but if you use their service in person, don’t be put off by entering the building. It’s gorgeous inside and there is a very…interesting picture of Monroe you’ll pass by on the way to the elevator. The person at the desk will take you to the floor, once you exit the elevator, head to your…right I believe, and you’ll see their offices. The facility is centered around printing, so don’t be put off since they don’t have a traditional storefront. The people there are so wonderful and ready to help you with whatever you may need.

Asumi O., Culver City, CA

eDiscovery Solutions is amazing! They were so generous and helpful for my non-profit organization to help us get fast and affordable color poster prints made. Michael was always courteous and quick to respond to our calls and give us the best options available. Fast turnaround, 24/7 service, highly recommended!