As the new technology emerges, some of the old media formats are becoming obsolete. Our team of technicians and engineers has been working with many individuals and businesses alike to help preserve their aging, valuable content by converting it to newer, more usable format. We can transcode video files from variable sources, e.g. VHS, mini DV, BETA, or DVD to a desirable format or a hard disk. We can also duplicate your files to a CD-R, DVD-R or a portable media storage device, or host your information on our secure servers.

In addition to our Media Conversion Services, we offer Data Recovery and Computer Forensics Services.

We highly recommend converting your old, magnetic data to a digital format, since it’s shelf-life is only limited to 10-20 years. Even if you don’t need it now, your media is at risk of not only natural degradation, but natural causes such floods, fires or sudden temperature changes.

Along with the actual media being degraded over the years, the equipment that is available to play back or reproduce it is becoming archaic as well. Manufacturers and their support for their machines have disappeared throughout the years. Even if the medium is vaulted and archived correctly, the mechanical properties of the machines have deteriorated to the point that they could do more harm than good to the tape or disc being played.

Our office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown, Washington, DC. We also offer free project pick-up and delivery in Washington, DC, Bethesda, MD, Rockville, MD, Arlington, VA and Alexandria, VA. And there are no rush fees for urgent cases.