Successful eDiscovery vendor management: knowing what providers offer before the need arises.

In today’s World of Law, it is virtually impossible to have any litigation without some sort of eDiscovery. Stay on top of the game when it comes to industry trends. Meeting with your eDiscovery vendors ensures you’re one step ahead, knowing all the latest and greatest in eDiscovery software and tools. eDiscovery vendor is an essential third-party partner between the attorney and the litigant. Meet with your vendor during the slower work periods as oppose to the eleventh hour of a very busy project. This will save you a great deal of time, money and stress and will guarantee that you have a solution to your legal team before the attorney asks for it.

Express your expectations to the vendors. Regular case updates, clear communication and transparent pricing are top priority for most of case administrators. Make sure you go with a reputable vendor, get references from your colleagues and carefully consider who to contact in each of  the service categories. Hopefully, your homework will pay off and will result in a long term, mutually beneficial investment.

Sometimes things can get very stressful during a busy project, there are good times and bad, and having a reliable vendor as part of your team is paramount to the successful outcome.