password recovery services

Our professional team works closely with clients to gain access to digital evidence in form of restricted files and documents. We can process 1 trillion of different password combinations in one day at our on-site computer forensics lab.


  • helping a user to recover forgotten password
  • assisting legal professionals in gaining access to restricted  digital evidence for which the judge has allowed access
  • accessing former employees’s files  and documents
  • system security management by the Administrator


We estimate the time needed for password cracking on file-by-file basis. Usually, the higher the password strength, the longer it takes to retrieve it. However, our powerful hardware and software tools enable us to run 1 trillion password combinations a day, providing an almost instant access to recovered files and documents. We use all known password cracking tricks to ensure the fastest result in every case.


Although ‘password cracking’ immediately sounds illegal, it is a legitimate and perfectly ethical way to recover forgotten passwords to authorized users. Authorized users might still forget or misplace passwords, due to various reasons, and require help of professionals to gain access to information that is rightfully theirs. Password cracking tools are applied to retrieve lost passwords to files and documents, not web-based email accounts.

In many legal cases, the access to restricted files and documents is authorized by the court order.

Unfortunately, there are countless instances of security breaches, leading to  public release of usernames and passwords of institutions varying from Homeland Security facilities to leading consumer agencies. Technology firms are persistent when staying one step ahead of the hackers, constantly evolving and coming up with new solutions to prevent illegal password cracking.