Scanning services, Washington, DC (DMV area)

eDiscovery Solutions is a leading document management company, providing on-site scanning services in Washington, DC (DMV) area.

If your documents cannot leave the company, we’ll come to you.

Utilizing our most up-to-date mobile scanning equipment and software, we’ll help you reduce your paper volume without confidential information going off-site.

Our experienced team has performed numerous on-site scanning projects for federal agencies, local government and private sector companies.

on-site document scanning

Digitizing critical documents will streamline your business, and save you time and money. Electronic documents are easy to store, transport, route and view.

Electronic documents also support disaster recovery, since copies can be safely stored off-site.

eDiscovery Solutions will accomplish document preparation, scanning, indexing and conversion onsite according to your specifications. We can satisfy your  conversion needs for paper documents regardless of the volume. We can capture data off anything, from simple business reply cards to the longest survey responses. All projects, regardless of size, receive the  same attention in detail and accuracy.

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Our Document Scanning and Conversion Services include:

  • Document preparation according to your instructions

  • High-volume scanning according to your needs

  • Return or secure destruction of originals

  • Secure facilities with redundancy; regular backups to protect your data

  • Capturing and converting any-size document, including wide-format engineer drawings and blueprints

  • Secure document archiving

Our level of accuracy and quality control far exceed the industry standards.

Every singe image, printed & digital, undergoes a thorough check by our team members. We adhere to strict operating procedures and an unprecedented degree of focus to ensure a consistent, high level of accuracy.

To ensure that a quality product is delivered, the project manager will thoroughly review scanned images and go over the check list of image characteristics/ issues that must be considered during the scanning of the documents and final Quality Check (QC) phase.  They include:

  • Overall legibility
  • Completeness of detail (e.g. acceptability of broken characters, missing segments of line)
  • Density of solid ‘black’ areas
  • Dimensional  accuracy compared with the original, scanner-generated speckle (i.e. speckle not present on the original)
  • Edge cut off (completeness of overall image area (i.e. missing information at the edges of the image area)
  • Contrast – Light
  • Contrast – Dark
  • Missing Image
  • Skewed Image
  • Missed 2-sided